Everyone likes a clean home, and everyone wishes to have it like a pro. While cleaning your home, you may want to look up and see how your ceiling is doing after all; even if it’s not something that people spend a lot of time staring at for lengthy periods, it still has to be cleaned. You’ll want to avoid a few critical blunders that could derail your ceiling cleaning plans and possibly make the entire process take much longer than necessary. If you are a resident of Ottawa, here are seven mistakes to avoid for house cleaning that will help you reach your cleaning goals.

Seven mistakes to avoid when cleaning your ceiling

1. Using Wet Solutions to Clean the Popcorn Ceiling
When cleaning your ceilings, you may look up and determine that one roof is like any other type of ceiling and that it’s not such a huge deal if you apply the same procedure to all of them. This is not the case; generally, you cannot clean a popcorn ceiling with a moist solution. This is because if you use a wet solution on your popcorn ceiling, you will cause damage to it.

2. Failure to test cleaners before using them
Even if a ceiling cleaner is said to be of high quality, that doesn’t imply it will be suitable for your specific type of ceiling. If you are unsure whether the cleaner will work well for your roof, the best things you can do is test it on a tiny area of the ceiling that is less apparent and then check if the cleaner works well or not. If it cleans nicely, that’s excellent; you can use it to clean the rest of the ceiling. If it does not, you will know not to use it for the remainder of the top. Another wise choice is to refer to someone experienced in the industry. Wondering who it can be? Well, the professional cleaners can be your right pick.

3. Disinfecting without first cleaning
There is a contrast between cleaning and disinfecting, and it can make or break how you clean surfaces. Cleaning physically removes germs from a surface, whereas disinfecting employs chemicals to destroy the bacteria. However, if the surface is contaminated with dust or dirt, the disinfectant will be unable to efficiently target the bacteria, which is why cleaning is a vital first step. Before using the disinfecting spray, make sure the surface is clean and clear of dirt so the chemicals may do their job. This will save your time and effort.

4. Making Your Own Scaffolding System Rather Than Using A Ladder
When trying to clean their ceiling, some people attempt to construct a scaffolding system out of items found around the house rather than utilizing a ladder properly. These are the kinds of scaffolding structures that could be made out of a couple of enormous paint cans with a plank on top – doing so will almost certainly result in injury or worse.

5. Not Using the Correct Tools for the Job
Sometimes specialized devices aren’t worth the money, and other times they’re significant purchases that save you time and make your life easier. There is various cleaning equipment that makes arduous, time-consuming activities easier. There’s a better method if you’re still using a paper towel to clean window blinds or a step stool to dust crown molding.

6. Not Cleaning Your Cleaning Equipment
Dishwashers and washing machines are made to clean stuff. Therefore they shouldn’t need to be cleaned, right? Wrong! If you don’t clean your dishwasher regularly, food particles and residue can accumulate, resulting in an unpleasant sour odor. If your freshly washed dishes are foggy, or your recently laundered clothes have a weird smell, it’s a solid clue you haven’t been cleaning these appliances. Instead of wasting time (and water) sending everything through a second wash cycle, clean your machine to improve efficiency.

7. Failure to clean more frequently
Finally, make sure you clean your ceiling on a semi-regular basis or schedule the time to do so. Cleaning will become more complex and time-consuming if you don’t do this. You can call the professionals offering the cleaning services to get the right assistance by your side.

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