How is deep cleaning any different from standard cleaning? This is one of the most common questions we come across. Our customers pose this question every now and then so, through this article we will try to shed some light on this topic and put a rest to those doubts once and for all.

Simply speaking, standard cleaning is performed regularly to keep your house neat and tidy whereas deep cleaning is more labor-intensive and includes more steps than the former.

Let us look at them individually to gain a deeper understanding.


Standard cleaning: What does it mean?

It usually involves basic cleaning steps done to keep your house spick and span. Mostly, your lifestyle and the size of your property determine the level of maintenance required in regular cleaning. Whether it’s a fussy toddler dropping his finger food all over the eating area or your furry friend leaving muddy paw prints after a playful session outside, you will need regular cleaning to keep your house from looking like a mess.

What encompasses regular cleaning?

Whether you are considering undertaking the task yourself or contemplating handing it over to a professional housekeeping crew, the most standardized practices followed in a standard house cleaning would be:

  • To sweep, vacuum, and mop the floor thoroughly
  • Tidying up the house
  • Removing dust from the bedrooms, hallways, doors, and windows
  • Extensive cleaning and disinfecting of your bathroom and kitchen
  • Cleaning the cobwebs
  • Taking out the trash


How often should you undertake standard cleaning?

We all want our homes to be in pristine conditions at all times but let’s face it, our busy schedules and work timings make it a tough task. Doing basic cleaning of your house about once every week should be more than enough to keep it clean and fresh.

Deep Cleaning: What does it mean?

Do you also get a strong urge to chuck a season’s worth of grime and dust out of the window? well, that’s deep cleaning summed up in a sentence! It sounds like a lot of work, and it is. But luckily, you only need to give your home a deep cleaning twice or thrice every year. Attention to detail is what sets deep cleaning apart from standard cleaning. Compared to your regular weekly cleans, deep cleaning is a lot more extensive.


Typically, in deep cleaning, your professional crew would be reaching out to all those nooks and crannies which are usually hard to reach, and clean out all the dirt and grime accumulated over the course of months. Most deep cleanings include all of the tasks in a standard cleaning along with those required to spruce up and refresh every corner of the house.

What encompasses deep cleaning?

The extensive cleaning demands for bigger guns to be pulled out. so for deep cleaning, you need to use various cleaning materials and tools to reach those unreachable spots. In addition to the traditional areas covered by deep cleaning, some others are also included, such as:


  • Removing grime and soap scum from the bathroom and kitchen tiles, fixtures, and showerheads, among others
  • Scrubbing behind appliances like the oven, washing machine, and refrigerator
  • Cleaning under the sink,  inside the oven, and glass door
  • Washing blinds, interior windows, window frames, patio doors
  • Wiping the baseboards and doors in all rooms
  • Thoroughly cleaning the picture frames and other knick-knacks


How often should you get your house deeply cleaned?

Deep cleaning is a once-in-a-blue-moon kind of activity and you don’t always need one. This occasional service is mostly done when a big event is approaching such as before moving into a new house, before a big party, etc. Usually, people get their houses deeply cleaned twice or thrice a year.


Which one should you choose- Standard cleaning or Deep cleaning?

To keep your house looking brand new even after years requires some serious maintenance. Making a decision between standard and deep cleaning ultimately boils down to your needs. For optimal results, we recommend doing both regularly, with varying frequencies, of course. A deep clean would require both time and money but will leave your house looking regal and pristine. On the other hand, standard cleaning should be undertaken weekly or bi-weekly to keep the sanitary conditions top-notch.


So, if you’re looking for house cleaning in Ottawa, it is best to look for a company that can work according to your requirement and fit within your budget. To know more about the professional house cleaning services contact us now.

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