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People today are extensively busy in their professional lives and the time that they get in between, everyone wants to spend with their lovely families. Nobody does enjoy cleaning and even if someone likes it, they hardly get any time to do it. For people like those, the spraying gun machine known as electrostatic sprayer is a beautiful and most useful gadgetry that can clean as well as disinfect the spaces in a lesser period of time. Even there are numerous companies that provide electrostatic sprayer services Halifax to their customers.

What is an Electrostatic Sprayer?

An electrostatic spray machine is a type of cleaning equipment or apparatus that is capable of reaching very hard to reach surfaces such as shelves above the cupboard or the exteriors of the house etc.it performs disinfection by allowing the fluid in the form of mist to cover the surfaces uniformly. Such type of equipment is very beneficial for removing pathogens from the surface.

How does an Electrostatic Sprayer Work?

An electrostatic gun machine possesses the positively charged particles and when they come out from the nozzle, they directly hit the surface which is negatively charged. Both of these charge particles get attracted towards each other due to the process known as electrostatics.


• Electrostatic sprayers are very economical in nature as it’s a onetime buy and performs both cleaning and disinfection effectively.
• The electrostatic sprayer services takes very less time to clean the areas in comparison to the traditional forms of cleaning
• Such equipment is designed in a way that is utilized by the common people in a much easier way as it has a very soft and smooth grip that enables the users to hold it comfortably
• They also have an additional feature of a lock system which prevents the excessive spilling of the fluid through the nozzle to avoid leakage
• The electrostatic sprayer services help in preventing the spread of deadly viruses such as coronavirus, influenza, varicella (chicken pox) etc.
• The application of the electrostatic sprayer services is in a very controlled fashion which means that the disinfectant or the cleansing agent is not used excessively

Product label instructions to follow:

• There is an appropriate value that is being set by the renowned environmental agencies regarding the particle size of the mist coming through the nozzle. The size of the particle should be either greater than or equal to 40 micrometer
• There is an exact time of contact which is mentioned i.e. as soon as the disinfectant hits the surface it should dry down. But if the product dries down before reaching that time, then another application of the product should be applied.
• There is a proper mention of the relative distance that is mentioned on the label to perform electrostatic spraying services. The highest and lowest distances should be met to increase the effectiveness of the product.


While carrying out the electrostatic sprayer services there are various dangers that should be taken care of, some of them are illustrated as under;
• The chemicals which are present inside the disinfectant contains very jarring chemicals that can cause so many disorders in the body. For example: If that synthetic agent by mistake gets spilled on the skin, then it can lead to various skin problems. Also, when inhaled, it can cause breathlessness, so to avoid such problems, a PPE kit i.e. personal equipment kit should be worn along with gloves and face should be covered with the mask or shield.
• There is also the risk of getting electric shock due to manufacturing defect. Therefore, before using the equipment it should be checked whether the power cord is properly insulated and if not then it should be immediately sent for repair.


Electrostatic sprayer services Halifax are most commonly used and is the best form of cleaning to remove the dust and grime in a shorter span of time with much efficiency. However, some precautions should be kept in mind related to the dangers to reduce the risk of injury.

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