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House cleaning is extremely important to maintain proper hygiene and is something that one cannot skip. Living in a clean environment adds positivity and zeal in the person which ultimately adds to the optimistic mindset and accelerates productivity. Not only that, a clean house keeps the individual free from all the harmful germs and bacteria that can cause disease.

Despite such advantages, there are some pitfalls regarding house cleaning, one of them is the common mishaps that take place during the entire process. These accidents range from mild to severe depending upon the intensity. So, proper care should be taken to avoid such mishaps. Below is a proper list that describes the various types of house cleaning mishaps.

Common House Cleaning Mishaps

• Slipping on the floor:

The most usual type of house cleaning mishap includes slipping on the wet floors. Whenever, the dusting and sweeping is completed, the dust particles remain suspended in the air for some time and after that gets settled on the floor very quickly. Thus, it become crucial to eliminate these allergens, for which mopping is done. Mopping requires a cleansing liquid, a porous material to soak up the fluid. When the floor is wet, one should avoid walking on it as it can lead to slip falls. This eventually has an adverse effect on the muscles causing spasms as well as bones by causing fractures. Therefore, one should be very vigilant around soapy waters, disinfectant agents and leaking buckets.

• Electrocution:

The very frightening thing that can happen during the entire house cleaning process is getting an electric shock. This can be due to various factors like cleaning the sockets with water or some cleansing fluid. Also, it happens sometimes that the cleaning equipment that are being utilized such as electrostatic sprayer, vacuum cleaner or pressure washer, all these work on electricity. Sometimes, what happens is, there is some leakage current due to broken wires, or there is some sort of dampness inside the equipment which can result in electrocution. Thus, while performing house cleaning, if there any of these things come into notice, it’s better to switch off the supply and repair the instrument.

• Suffocation:

Disinfecting requires a lot of harsh chemicals like ammonia, bleach, acetone, amyl nitrites etc. which are not only harmful for the environment but also for the human beings. These synthetic elements release a lot of poisonous gases during house cleaning that have an adverse effect on our health. It can trigger various respiratory related diseases like asthma, bronchitis, COPD etc. These harmful gases enter inside the body through various passage like nose and mouth. There is a strange irritation in the nose, the time it is inhaled along with some vexation in the eyes and throat that can lead to cough and scratching of eyes.

• Getting bruises and burns:

While performing house cleaning it is possible to get hurt by cuts, getting rashes on skin due to harsh chemicals, or getting bruised due to cleaning of hard surfaces. Also, as discussed earlier, there are chances of getting hurt by slip that can cause a serious injury to the head, back bone, elbows, legs, hands etc. As we know house cleaning requires, lots of cleaning equipment (electrical ones), that could be heavier in size. So, it’s necessary to wear proper cleaning gear like rubber gloves to cover hands, shoes to prevent slip, waterproof professional cleaning aprons, to prevent stains and spots.


House cleaning is vital to keep our surroundings clean and make it a safe place to live. Everybody should take a step forward for a neat and tidy environment that is free from pathogens, but it should not be at the cost of one’s health. One has to be very cautious to perform cleaning activities without putting their lives in danger.

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