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Gone are the days when a standard vacuum was enough for cleaning the surface of your rugs and carpets. Now no matter how frequently you clean carpets, debris and dirt settle so deep that it can’t be vacuumed easily. However the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) cleaning techniques might appear more cost-effective, but do you think that they will save you money in the long run?

If you desire a complete carpet restoration process and prolong your carpet’s life then you should consider getting your carpets cleaned professionally on a yearly basis. Here is a detailed rundown on the pros and cons of both Do-It-Yourself and professional carpet cleaning services. Have a look and decide!

Professional Carpet Cleaning Pros

· Maintaining the Carpet’s Appearance

In your home, high traffic areas such as hallways or entryways are more likely to build up debris and dirt quickly. Professional cleaners like Steamates come to your place and clean your carpets while keeping the overall appearance of your carpets in top shape.

· Cost-Effective

Generally, people think that DIY is more cost-effective as compared to a professional carpet cleaning service but with the costs of chemicals, accessories, cleaning solutions, drying equipment, pet stain removers, and more the DIY method also become expensive and even the results are not as expected.

This is where professional carpet cleaning comes into the picture. We make sure that the client’s carpets are cleaned to the highest and optimal standards. We also provide protection from strains, pets, and odors. This method of cleaning is a real cost saver and protects your carpet in a long run whilst maintaining the quality, appearance, and durability of your carpet.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Pros

· Helpful for Small Spills

It is obvious that most households are prone to frequent spills and messes considering this fact, the DIY carpet cleaning method would be the best option for you. However, it is professionally suggested to get your rugs/carpets cleaned by a cleaning service provider annually.

· Clean On Your Own Time

The best part about at-home DIY cleaning is that when you comprise a DIY carpet cleaning unit, you are not restricted to any time frame. You don’t need to make appointments or scheduled cleaning services, you can start cleaning according to your availability and convenience.

Cons of DIY & Professional Carpet Cleaning

For the drawbacks, We must say that going for professional carpet cleaning services has minimal disadvantages. The only thing that appears to be a bit off is the cost of services but again it is justified in the long run.

The reason why professional carpet cleaning is a little expensive is that individuals carrying out tasks are experts and they know the procedure to properly take care of your carpets without causing any kind of damage to it. When you tend to clean carpets on your own, there are great chances for you to damage rugs/carpets.


Apart from your decision of choosing a professional or DIY method for carpet cleaning, know that there are advantages and disadvantages to both techniques. It is better for you to conduct in-depth market research for a cleaning service provider with long-standing credibility and reliability across your community.

At Steamates, we have certified technicians at your service, ensuring high-performance standards. Feel free to establish contact with our certified technicians today to schedule an appointment.

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