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Car Detailing
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Professional Washing and Cleaning of Your Car

After receiving many requests from our beloved clients, we’ve opened in 2021 our Car Detailing department, led by a highly experienced and passionate expert. Offering a whole range of services to cater to your needs and your budget, we strive to pay close attention to every detail in and out of your vehicle.


But we still provide detailing on-site: your garage or driveway, if you have access to water & power – almost all services below are still available 

Over 2000 detailings performed
Packages adapted to your needs and budget
Paint correction specialist
100% Satisfaction guarantee
Our Services

Whole range of treatments for your vehicle – any size or model welcome !

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Vehicle Hand Wash

All our cars are washed by hand exclusively, with the finest of products

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Lens Restoration

No more foggy headlights - higher visibility at night: for your own safety !

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Paint Correction

You can’t prevent getting scratches and swirls on your paint, but you can let us remove them for you, with our buffers & polishers

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Decal Removal

This old sticker or decal you’ve been trying to remove for years unsuccessfully: we’ve got you covered with our powerful heat gun and elbow grease

Odor Elimination

With our high-end Ozone generator and a deep shampooing of all fabrics, old bad odours will eliminated, not just masked.

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Engine Cleaning

It’s time to show off that shiny V8 of yours !

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Leather cleaning and conditioning

You spent a lot in getting those shiny leather seats - they need extra care and special treatment, with only the top of the line cleaning solutions, to keep them pristine

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Glass treatment

Tired of that glare and marks on your windshield? Get our full treatment of all the glass in your vehicle, including every mirror

Our Cleaning Packages

Interior Deep Cleaning

  • Vacuuming of every sq-inches
  • Steam/Shampoo of seats and carpets and headliner
  • Leather conditioning if leather seats
  • Cleaning and dressing of dashboard, console, doors, etc
  • Washing and treatment of windows & windshield
  • Light Odour elimination

Exterior Deep Clean

  • Hand wash (3 steps process)
  • Clay bar treatment (for micro particules and dirt)
  • Hand waxing with carnuba paste
  • Dressing wheels and tires
  • Paint correction service as extra: removes micro scratches and swirls

Complete in & out Detailing

  • Both the interior and the exterior services
  • Full engine wash
  • Paint correction service as extra: removes micro scratches and swirls

Extra Services

(can choose as stand-alone)
  • Deep Odour elimination
  • Decal and stickers removal
  • Paint correction service as extra: removes micro scratches and swirls
  • Ceramic Coating: equivalent to waxing your vehicle but it will last and protect it perfectly for 2 to 3 YEARS from dust and dirt

Check Out Our Gallery

From our most recent work – judge for yourself

Frequently Asked Questions

For any other questions or requests, please contact our Detailing Specialist at 902-200-8988 or email us at SteamatesDetailing@gmail.com

It ranges between 2 hours and 6 hours max. It depends on the packages you choose, and additional services your request, as well as the initial condition of your vehicle – dog hair and excessive sand for example tend to increase the work time –  but we will make sure to get every steps done in a timely manner. 

Yes, please. You can call the phone number above, send us a text or an email, and we will make sure to book you at our earliest convenience, after asking you a few questions on your vehicle and needs 

Anything from motorbikes and hatchbacks, to trucks, boats, RV… you name it, we’re here to help !

Our garage, shared with RoadMasters, is located in

Harrietsfield, past Spryfield, on the way to Sambro

860 Old Sambro Rd

(or 76 Commercial Dr. depending on the GPS you use)

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