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Are you searching for a reliable carpet cleaning service? Steamates is a professional cleaning company that has more than five years of experience in the industry. Our professional carpet cleaning Halifax team offers a satisfaction rate of 98%. Whether it’s domestic or commercial carpet, we will leave this clean in minutes. We have top-notch advanced cleaning machines and are equipped with eco-friendly cleaning products. We take all the responsibility for our proven cleaning procedures. Our experts utilize the most advanced steam cleaning equipment. We offer a hot water extraction method & dry compound treatment. We thoroughly clean your carpet, whether it’s residential or commercial carpet. 

When you search for the carpet and upholstery cleaning near me, we ensure that you will find Steamates in the top result. Our best carpet cleaning services are the reason why we are known as the most reputed carpet cleaning brands in the market. Our company makes sure that our cleaners are experts in their workability and offer the utmost professionalism to clean your carpets. During the cleaning process, we make sure that your carpet isn’t damaged and the quality isn’t degraded. We have a skilled and efficient team of cleaners who offer brilliance and proficiency when cleaning the carpet.

Our professional carpet cleaning Halifax team starts working by inspecting the flooring to assess the fabric type, stains, and degree of soiling. The marks & blemishes are pre-treated with advanced cleaning solutions before the carpet is either dry-cleaned or steam-cleaned. We have experienced & knowledgeable technicians in the industry who use ideal equipment. We offer fresh carpets that are oxygenated & cleaned with non-toxic materials. Our deep cleaning techniques remove dirt & grime from the carpets efficiently. So, give your carpet a fresh new look!

Our carpet and upholstery cleaning near me takes pride in having a certified professional team of carpet cleaning technicians who are skilled in integrating crucial cleaning protocols that aid in achieving the highest standard of cleaning. We are aiming to achieve the highest standards of carpet cleaning & dedicated to ensuring that the carpets are dirt & dust-free. We are the top choice of every customer for the following reasons.

Top experts

Our team consists of qualified cleaning professionals who offer top-notch services every time you hire carpet cleaning services in Halifax. We employ a team of certified professionals.

Certified & trained cleaners

Our company employs well-trained, certified, and insured professionals with wide years of experience in the industry.

Eco-friendly cleaning methods

Our company thrives to take additional measures to ensure the home is free from harsh chemicals & allergens.

Affordable service

All the services we offer are affordable & we meet all the requirements of our customers. We guarantee the utmost satisfaction rates.

Guaranteed results

offer 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction. Our carpet cleaners are insured, highly trained, and insured. We offer flexible work time.

Get amazing results

Our technicians know how to clean multiple types of fabrics due to their experience. Get a seamless and effortless experience from us.

Find an affordable carpet cleaning service to save you money.

Our company is ranked as the best carpet cleaning services near me. We offer superior performance & efficiency with carpet cleaning services. Our detailed cleaning service will rinse all the dirt and cleanse off the grime seamlessly. Our team ensures that we offer a carpet that looks refreshing and new. We use non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for pets and kids. The carpet cleaning services are followed by efficient drying techniques & procedures that enable us to get the job done on the same day for your convenience. You can feel that difference in terms of quality. Get the shiny, refreshing carpet from us now. Book your carpet cleaning services near me service online today!

Every home has the dander & dust that naturally enter from the outside & settle in the carpets, ducts, and upholstery. The problem arises when the upholstery, carpets & air ducts are so congested with bacteria. We are the best one-stop destination for all your carpet cleaning needs.

If you want to get your carpets cleaned without stressing much about your budget, then don’t worry. Here, the Steamates team will help you! We bring cost-efficient & high-quality carpet cleaning services in Halifax at affordable rates that you never imagined before. We offer affordable carpet cleaning services to facilitate the client’s top-notch results at minimal rates. Do you want to know the estimated cost of carpet cleaning? Give us a call & we will share every necessary detail with you. 

We are open for seven days in the week and receive free quotes from the office assistants. We will be happy to answer all your queries regarding the hot water extraction cleaning method. The technicians clean all types of carpets, commercial & domestic. Contact us and get in touch with our operators. We’ll inform you everything that you want to know from us.

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Established in 2018 in Halifax, Our company was founded with the goal of providing quality Residential cleaning services at an affordable price. 

Our core values are reliability, efficiency, eco-friendliness, and customer satisfaction. We closely stick to these principles, inspect regularly the work done by our team, and we always maintain the highest standards.