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Being an experienced provider of pressure washing services Halifax, we offer efficient, fast, and affordable power washing services. Do you care about the exterior of the property? If you have recently purchased the property from someone and want to give it a brand-new look, then this is an ideal service you should opt for. We have years of experience in this pressure washing services Halifax industry, and that’s why we produce results that amaze us! Our team offers the ultimate residential washing service that you have always wanted. Meet with our highly skilled team of States. 

We provide services like house washing, backyard patios, decks, stone and brick cleaning, etc. Give your property the top-notch makeover that it deserves. Get a spot-free cleaning from pressure washing services near me! We help business owners and residents who want to make a clean and safe appearance. We will recommend not to hire someone who is a beginner in this field. We have all the advanced cleaning techniques and tools that meet the industry standards.

Now the question is why you should need a pressure washing service. So, think about your home’s exterior. So, the exterior of your home is always exposed to the wind, rain, sunlight, dirt, pollution, insects, etc. All the elements cause a significant type of damage to the walls. These things are making your home exterior unappealing and, at the same time, degrade its value. If you want to upgrade the value of your home, then it’s the right time to talk about this concern. Dust miles, mold spores, and pollen are the main allergic elements that trigger allergies in both children and adults. You can also opt for pressure washing cleaning services if you are planning to repaint your home. It holds on the paint and gives a smoother and cleaner surface. Pressure washing saves you time, and that’s why we recommend you hire us to protect the exterior of your home. 

 Giving your home a pressure washing is always a wise decision. When you come to teammates for this, we promise to offer cost-efficient and environment-friendly solutions. So, pressure washing services near me are the best way to avoid all dirt sucking on your property and ultimately raise the property value.

Convenient scheduling

Scheduling an appointment with us is faster and easier. We have a representative team who will help you throughout the pressure washing cleaning services. We promise to deliver world-class cleaning reports on the scheduled date.


We are known as the top cleaning service provider company in Halifax. People trust us because of our quality service and commitment. We ensure the safest process and exceptional results over the years in this industry.

Values to our customers

You like getting more Value for your Buck ? We value our customers the most. Our aim is to deliver exceptional satisfaction to the customers. We promise to make you feel amazed through our work and dedication.

Industry-leading leading Throughout

the cleaning service, we only use the industry-leading advanced pressure washing tools that will uplift the value of your property. We promise to deliver your job done in the right way.

State-of-the-art tools

Our team uses state-of-the-art tools that allow us to achieve better outcomes in a faster way. We have a skilled team, and we encourage them to join our seminars and programs to sharpen their industry skills.

Eco-friendly cleaning options

At Steamates, we use commercial eco-friendly cleaning options that help to remove the grime, dirt, and mold from damaging the house permanently. With regular pressure washing service, you can get rid of a lot of unnecessary repairs.

Save Your Time With Our Professional Housekeeping Services

When you remove all the dirt and wash away all the grime through pressure washing, you prolong the lifetime of your home’s surface. Through power wash service, you can keep the exterior surface of the home in top shape. The pressure washing company near me offers this service without using any harsh chemicals. Our team only uses the latest advanced power washing tools to deliver you top-notch results. We have trained technicians who offer this service without using harsh chemicals. We have trained experts who make every effort to minimize the hassles and maximize the convenience. The best thing about our service is you don’t need to be present there physically. Yes, we will do our work and send you the reports through calls and social media channels. 

A clean & aesthetically appealing exterior can make your business stand out! So do you want this service for your business also? We offer professional power cleaning services Halifax that give you efficient quality results. When you work with us, you can always expect efficient, quality results. We always help you to streamline all your cleaning needs. So, if you are interested in uplifting your exterior surface, then here you can talk & get recommendations from a pressure washing company near me!

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Established in 2018 in Halifax, Our company was founded with the goal of providing quality Residential cleaning services at an affordable price. 

Our core values are reliability, efficiency, eco-friendliness, and customer satisfaction. We closely stick to these principles, inspect regularly the work done by our team, and we always maintain the highest standards.