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With the popularity of the food business, restaurants are considering more about maintenance and sanitation. Now, more and more dining experts are being educated on restaurant standards. A simple bad review from a food blogger can hamper a food business. So, if you don’t want to lose your customers, then it’s the right time to hire the restaurant cleaning services near meBy getting help from a professional restaurant cleaning service, you can improve your restaurant service. 

Working with the restaurant cleaning services near me service in Halifax, which adheres the safety & health standards is a must-have thing for any restaurant business owner.

From now you don’t need to worry about the daunting cleaning tasks because Steamates, commercial restaurant cleaning services is here to help you. We offer specialized cleaning services in Halifax and surrounding areas. With us, you can keep your restaurant clean and safe. Steamates, commercial restaurant cleaning services near me is the insured restaurant cleaning service who have a friendly, bonded cleaning team. Our staff is well-trained before they come to the business. We come up with the ideal cleaning methods & latest cleaning techniques in the industry. We promise you have never seen a quality commercial restaurant cleaning services like us. We will make sure that both the interior and exterior space of the business are ready. We are committed to delivering the ideal outputs so that your food business can take the benefits. Create a clean and healthy environment for your customers by hiring commercial restaurant cleaning services near me. We are not a regular cleaning company, but we are a professional cleaning company that works with customers professionally. Our restaurant cleaning services team works with the customers & discusses the unique requirements, goals, and budget to develop the original plan. If you want to get more information about the restaurant’s cleaning service, then look forward to calling us.

Dedicated cleaning programs

Our restaurant cleaning servicesteam is dedicated to developing a spotless dining area that is crucial for any food business. We design various commercial cleaning programs where we teach our employees about advanced cleaning methods and technologies.

Get a pristine service.

We promise to offer a pristine dining experience for our guests & deliver a clean & safe workspace for the staff. Get efficient and effective cleaning services from arestaurant cleaning company that you have never imagined before!

Offer a cleaning checklist.

Before we deliver any project, we go through the extensive inspection checklist. We will make sure that there is no spot, cranny, or nook overlooked. We promise to deliver you a clean environment within a limited time.

Clean environment

Our restaurant cleaning companyworks consistently and professionally. We use the most advanced certified cleaning technologies that ensure a clean and healthy environment. We have HEPA-powered vacuums, high-performance mops and cloths, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

Trusted team

We have a Jan-Pro cleaning & disinfected team who have certification in the industry. We have a uniformed team that is bonded and insured. You can expect your job will done safely and satisfactory by us.


Every cleaning company promises to offer a promised service, but only a few of them are guaranteed it. We promise to resolve any service-related issues within one day. We also provide complimentary cleaning services.

Meet with our expert cleaners, who deliver the highest standard of cleanliness

We know the importance of maintaining a hygienic and clean restaurant, café, and bar. Our commercial restaurant cleaning services are designed to meet the unique needs of restaurant business facilities. Our restaurant cleaning service includes deep cleaning of commercial kitchen equipment. With our experience and skill as a restaurant cleaning service, we uphold the highest standards of cleanliness that help to ensure customer satisfaction. When you choose Steamates, commercial restaurant cleaning services as your cleaning partner we will keep the restrooms sanitary all the time. We will take care of the sinks and toilets, changing toilet paper rolls & garbage bags. We will make sure that paper towels and dispensaries are constantly stocked.

At Steamtes, all the working experts are professionally licensed and trained. We take pride in delivering the best work. We treat our customers with the utmost respect. When you hire Steamates, a commercial restaurant cleaning company, to deliver your restaurant cleaning service, you don’t need to worry about property theft and damage to the equipment. We assure the customers that our restaurant cleaning service uses methodologies that will in no way affect the health of customers. We have trained staff who have years of experience in the restaurant cleaning business. Our team understands which chemicals should be avoided and which should be used. We provide all the organic options that utilize environmentally friendly cleaning products. We feel happy to offer flexible hours which are intended to fit. To save time and money, we only perform the tasks that are requested. To learn more about our commercial restaurant cleaning charges, you can connect with us here. Consult with our cleaning team to learn more about our service. 

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Established in 2018 in Halifax, Our company was founded with the goal of providing quality Residential cleaning services at an affordable price. 

Our core values are reliability, efficiency, eco-friendliness, and customer satisfaction. We closely stick to these principles, inspect regularly the work done by our team, and we always maintain the highest standards.