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Every household or business organization is liable to hire services from the commercial cleaning companies. Because it is nearly impossible to do all cleanliness related jobs by yourself. So, a regular staff is required to perform the commercial cleaning related work. There are a lot of activities that needs to be performed such as cleaning and mopping the floors, removing trash from the bins, disinfecting and sanitizing the restrooms, cleaning the workspace areas like monitors, keyboards, drawers etc. and removing the debris and grime from the carpets and rugs.

Major Facilities

There are numerous amenities that are provided by the commercial cleaning companies, some of them are mentioned below;

• Sweeping

The first and the foremost thing that comes in the commercial cleaning services is sweeping. Sweeping removes almost all the dirt and dust particles from the room that is in the form of soil, cobwebs, greasiness, remains of the eatables, unused papers that are a complete waste which means they are no longer in use.

• Dusting

Along with sweeping, another thing which holds an equal importance in commercial cleaning is the dusting of decorative items whether they are lying outside or are kept in the showcase. Everything requires dusting, especially the desktops, keyboards, their cleaning is very necessary as they come in contact with hands very quickly.

• Disposing garbage:

After sweeping and dusting the areas or places, the other thing in line is the removal of trash from the dustbins. Because the accumulation of the waste in the bins for a longer time can result in the hibernation of various germs and bacteria. This could lead to various diseases like typhoid, cholera, diarrhea etc.

• Window cleaning:

Another thing that needs proper cleaning is the windows, as we know the commercial buildings are very huge in height so it requires a proper staff to clean the big window glasses. Also, it represents the outer look of the organization that always needs to be clean and shiny.

• Curtain and blinds cleaning:

Curtains are one such thing that can’t be cleaned and washed regularly and there is a lot of dust that accumulates on the surface (both interior as well as exterior). In case of blinds, the dusting or vacuuming technique should be approached whereas for curtains the process of vacuum cleaning is utilized. Vacuum cleaning is helpful in removing the dust particles from the tiny fibers of the curtain. This method is time saving and effective at the same time because there is no complication of taking them down, washing and then re-hanging. just by vacuuming and then by steaming, the curtains just look pristine and unstained.

• Restroom cleaning:

Restrooms are one of those places that require cleaning and sanitization on a regular basis. Washrooms in the public places needs proper maintenance because it is utilized by various people. The process should start from gathering all the cleaning tools and products at the first place so that you don’t have to look out for them amidst of cleaning. The toilet seats require the most attention as it is the habitat of microorganisms like germs, bacteria and viruses. Wiping down and scrubbing the outer and inner areas of the toilet seats with a strong disinfectant. Also, emptying the trash cans, cleaning the mirrors, faucets, wash basin etc. forms a prominent part of the washroom cleaning.

• Chimney cleaning:

Chimneys are used to eliminate the smoke fumes, vapors from the kitchen area that are due to so much dirt and grime that is being trapped in the filters. It becomes essential to remove the oiliness and thick layer of grease that accumulates inside.


Commercial cleaning services are extremely useful as they tend to take load off one’s shoulders and especially in the case of business organizations, it makes a tremendous impact on the customers/clients as it completely influences their mind and perception.

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