Presssure washing Service

A lot of people have this preconceived notion about the chemicals being used in the pressure washing services process. The most common concern is whether they are harmful for the environment or not.
Let’s get that cleared here, the Halifax pressure washing services does utilize some synthetic elements to remove the stains and impurities but their quantity in general in the whole mixture is minimum. Only that much proportion is used that is helpful in disinfecting the exteriors of the home, patios, decks ,driveways etc.

Chemicals used in Pressure Washing Services Halifax

There are a variety of chemicals used in pressure washing, few of them are illustrated as under;

Sodium Hypochlorite:

Most commonly used as “bleach”, is a chlorine compound that is mostly used as a disinfectant. In case of pressure washing services ,the portion of bleach is usually one part as compared to the four parts of normal water. This is done to protect the pump machinery from corrosion. It is helpful in removing solid molds and fungus that usually appears on the outer concrete surfaces.


There are times when the window glasses of our house get stained with dirt that is almost greasy in nature. At that point, it is very useful to use ammonia as it is a spotless cleaner that brings back the shine on glass as well as stainless steel surfaces. Pressure washing services when applied with ammonia results in super clean upholstery items such as carpets and rugs. It is also helpful in removing pathetic stains from the stove burners (made of stainless steel) in the form of sticky grease.

Sodium hydroxide:

Generally known as “caustic soda” is a type of disinfectant that is used in cleaning applications.it is helpful in eliminating greasiness, oils and fats accumulation on surfaces such as steel and glass items. This form of synthetic element is firstly diluted in water to get the consistency and then slightly heated to get rid of all those impurities that are clingy in nature.

Citric acid:

In case of pressure washing services ,the citric acid is very beneficial because it kills all sorts of germs, bacteria and fungi that are responsible for sanitizing and disinfection purposes. This removes all kinds of calcium deposits, rust, oxidation etc piled up on the facet. This citric acid has proven to be very powerful in cleaning the bathroom tiles as well as toilet seats which has contaminants present under the rim. Sometimes, there is the presence of rust on the faucets, bathtubs and wash basins that are easily removed by this acid.

How is pressure washing safe?

Proficient pressure washing services in Halifax, uses a very secure method to clean the superficial surfaces of any home/building without harming the building materials like concrete, steel, wood, tiles, glass etc. from the microbial abundance. The utilization of synthetic substances are always intended to work

with water which is the main reason why this blend functions effectively and is well utilized by various cleaning companies. Pressure washing services in Halifax can be made much more safer by following the below tips;

Tips to keep in mind while using Pressure Washing Services:

  • Never use a ladder while performing pressure washing as it can lead to falls thus causing injuries.
  • Always wear a proper gear to protect your eyes and ears to prevent any damage
  • Use those chemicals which are technically safe for cleaning purposes. Using extremely dangerous or poisonous chemicals can cause some serious problems to the people around and to the environment as well.
  • The nozzle tip of the pressure washing equipment should be of proper size so that the fluid or cleansing agent coming out of the sprayer does not leak at any time.


Halifax Pressure washing service is a stimulating process that gives any building/home an outstanding makeover without spending lots of bucks on overhauling. It adds a lot in amplifying the beauty of the exterior surfaces along with eliminating the impurities in the form of mildew. Harsh chemicals should be avoided that are harmful for the surroundings, just use the chemicals when diluted with water.

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