Office Cleaning Preventing Spread of Contagions 1

Office Cleaning | Preventing Spread of Contagions

Simply stated, contagions are viruses and germs that can be spread to others, either directly or indirectly, causing illness. Keeping contagions at bay is one of the benefits of thorough and regular cleanings in your office or workplace. Keeping customers and staff safe and well not only keeps life moving smoothly, but it also keeps […]
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Home Cleaning | Removing Limescale from Taps

Limescale is an unfortunate by-product in bathrooms that looks unhygienic, so how do you clean it? The main reason people choose to remove limescale is that it can look terrible, especially if left and neglected for a long time, resulting in heavily stained appliances. We have developed this guide to help you understand what limescale […]
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