House Cleaning Tips Keep Your Mirrors Sparkling

Mirrors don’t stay clean for too long thanks to dust, greasy fingers, and spots caused by various factors. What’s worse, though, is that most attempts to clean mirrors to perfection end up falling short. If there aren’t streaks left on the glass after you’ve finished, there’s always something else like dirty corners that you simply couldn’t get clean enough. 

Although it seems like cleaning mirrors is such a simple task, especially when using a store-bought product, if you want to know how to clean mirrors without windex and still get those spotless results, there’s a little more to it than you think! With or without commercial glass cleaners, there are some crucial dos and dont’s to keep in mind when cleaning your mirrors to ensure a thorough, all-round clean. In fact, it’s less about the best mirror cleaner and more about the cleaning method, tools, and techniques. 

So, let’s get right to it then; here’s what you should do when attempting to clean your mirrors and keep them shining!

Before we share the steps on how to clean your mirror the right way, you need to make sure that you have everything required for the job. You will find the relevant ‘dos’ against each item listed below:

  • Dust Cloth and Toothbrush
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Cotton
  • Lint-Free Cloths
  • Vinegar

Start by cleaning corners and edges where dust tends to accumulate over time. An old toothbrush is perfect for flicking out dust from these narrow spaces between the glass and frame. Clean the rest of the surface by wiping the mirror with a clean, dry dust cloth. Never use a damp cloth to wipe mirrors even though it is an effective way to pick up dust from a surface. In this case, it will only make a bigger mess in the mirror.

Check the mirror for stains, marks, and/or spots caused by toothpaste, cosmetic products, and grubby fingers. Spot clean these areas with rubbing alcohol and cotton. Rubbing alcohol tends to evaporate rather quickly so it’s important to work fast for desirable results.

Next, mix equal parts water and white vinegar; pour it into a spray bottle, and shake well. Spray the mirror from a distance so that you don’t end up wetting the glass to the point where the cleaning solution is dripping down.

The best way to prevent streaks on your mirror is by wiping the glass in circular motions or ‘S’ patterns. These quick swipes do not allow streaks to form because there are no straight lines involved when cleaning in this manner.

Although this is optional if you’d like to go one step further, buff the mirror with a lint-free cloth immediately after and you will be left with a gleaming, spot-free, and streak-free mirror!

In conclusion, all it takes is a couple of minutes to implement these ‘dos’ when following our step-by-step mirror cleaning guide while, of course, keeping the ‘don’ts’ firmly in mind!

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