Tips for Making Home Cleaning With a Toddler Easier

It’s no secret that keeping a spotless house with little ones around is almost an impossible task. No matter how many times you do the dishes, sweep the floors or try to de-clutter, mess after mess somehow piles up within minutes. In our house, this seems to be the case every day, no matter how hard I try.

Raising children is messy. Keeping a clean and tidy home may feel like an impossibility for busy parents — especially when they find themselves living among tiny socks, abandoned sippy cups, and Legos that are just waiting to unleash their excruciating angles on bare feet. We have some advice on how to solve the parent’s dilemma of living with so much stuff and making home cleaning easier for you. 

Use a Baby Monitor

A quality monitor allows you to keep a close eye on your sleeping baby while you get work done around the house. Any movements of your baby can be captured remotely from the monitor unit, giving you peace of mind while your baby is napping.


And since we’re on the subject of multitasking, that’s our next trip. Fold and put away laundry while you’re watching and talking to your baby. Wash dishes, load the dishwasher, or wipe counters while you’re making necessary phone calls. Clean sinks when you wash your hands. Work on chores while your baby naps. There are countless ways to merge tasks together.

Declutter Before The Baby Arrives

One of the best ways to stay on top of the housework after the baby arrives is to pare down unnecessary items and clutter before the baby is even born. Less stuff equals less clutter. Put those nesting instincts to good use. Go through the house one room at a time and get rid of things you don’t need. This is a great opportunity to have a yard sale. The money you earn can help with the extra expenses a new baby brings.

Create a Schedule

Maybe it’s cleaning the kitchen every Monday, bathrooms on Tuesdays, or doing all the laundry every Saturday. Create a realistic schedule that assigns one task or one room to each day. Jot down each day’s home cleaning goal on a calendar or planner.

Plan a few catch-up days & Set Timer

On your mark…get set…go!

You’d be amazed at how much you can accomplish in just 15 minutes. Set a timer and stay focused. Try to get as much done as you can in that time frame. This strategy is awesome to do with older siblings. A timer turns chores into a game of trying to beat the clock. You may need them with a new baby in the house. Having a plan will help you stay on top of the housework.

Get the Whole Family Involved

Get the husband and other kids involved in the cleaning. Many hands really do make light work. For more tips on getting the whole family involved. Make home cleaning a game. This strategy works great when there are older siblings in the home. Have a home cleaning contest, turn on music, set goals, and offer rewards. There are so many ways to turn housework into a game.

Have a Catch-All Basket

Keep a basket at the end of a hallway or on the stairs. Use it to pick up items that are out of place. Go through the basket once each day to sort the items back into their proper place. Take care of one thing each time you get up or move to a new room. If you’re getting up to go to the kitchen, take a dish with you. Grab one item that is out of place, and carry it with you to the catch-all basket or to its proper place. You’d be amazed at how much gets done with this simple tip.

Focus on Main Areas

A new baby in the house may mean a season where you just focus on the most important parts of the home. Focus on keeping the kitchen, laundry room, and living room tidy. Contain toys in bedrooms and playrooms so they don’t creep out into the main areas.

Prepare Simple, Healthy Freezer Meals

You can stock your freezer full of meals before the baby arrives or spend one day each week to prep easy meals for the rest of the week. Being efficient with meal times can free you up to complete other tasks and spend even more time with your precious baby.

Keep Things Smell Fresh

Even if you aren’t able to keep things quiet as tidy as you did before the baby arrived, keeping the air smelling fresh can go a long way as part of your home cleaning routine. Spritz a natural air freshener throughout the main area before guests arrive. The diaper changing area smells fresh with a homemade deodorizer.

Fill a mason jar halfway with baking soda. Tie twine or a cute ribbon around the jar and you have a natural, decorative deodorizer that’ll cut down on those unpleasant diaper odors.

Have a Designated Spot for Everything

Making sure that everything has a proper place in your home makes it much easier to keep things tidy. Mail, magazines, receipts, and children’s artwork are some of the main clutter culprits. Designate a place for these items. New babies come with a lot of new gear. Make sure you find a place for diapers, wipes, toys, and bottles too!

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