Car Washing
With the presence of contaminated air in the atmosphere, all the dust particles settle on the concrete surfaces. Car’s exterior being the tangible one gets covered with all the dirt and muck that makes it look really substandard. To attain such an exquisite gaze, there is a process known as car detailing that helps in upgrading the entire appearance of the vehicle.

What is Car Detailing?

Car detailing is a professional way to enhance the overall character of the vehicle to bring it back to its original condition. It is much more advanced than regular car washing. In simpler words, car detailing helps in retaining the gleam and maintaining the resale value of the car.

Services Included in Professional Car Detailing:

There is the presence of a lot of germs and bacteria that reside in the car whether it is on the seat cover, steering, gears, dashboards, or mirrors, there are so many areas that need proper cleaning. And this cannot be solely handled by mere car washing, for such things, cleaning the interior as well as the exteriors of the car becomes very beneficial.

• Washing and drying

The car is washed with the help of a hose pipe and soapy solution. Then, the outer surface that consists of the door, handles, rims, bonnet, etc. are being rubbed by using various high-quality cleaning products to eliminate the bacteria and dirt in just one swipe. After proper washing, the car is then left to dry.

• Painting and polishing

The next step of car detailing includes painting the outer area of the car if it is chipped off or lost its shine due to any reason. Polishing on the other hand provides a much smoother finish in case there are some whirls left out.

• Waxing

To intact all the things in place, waxing acts as a seal that acts as a protective layer that provides a glossy element in the car.

• Vacuuming

There is so much debris presents inside the car that is being brought by the shoes, so vacuuming removes all this litter from the mats.

• Scenting

Car detailing also involves adding sweet fragrance to the interior of the car for extra freshness.

Importance of Car Detailing

Car detailing is not only about highlighting the exterior beauty of the car but also to improve the efficiency of the parts of the vehicle so that it runs smoothly on the road. There is much more to it, that is illustrated as under;
Enhancing the appearance of the car:
The look of the car when bought from the showroom is very gorgeous but after some years its shine just deteriorates with time due to various factors. Simply washing the car cannot help in getting that original spark, so car detailing becomes very crucial at the time when the car needs to meet its originality. By proper detailing done from time to time can result in protection as well as in maintaining the look.
Prolonging the resale value:
In case, when someone needs to sell their car, then the appearance can really make or break the deal. And if you want more money in return, then consistent car detailing is a requisite because it will force the buyers to pay according to your price. Hence, detailing not only maintains but also retains the resale value of the car.
Comfortable drive:
The cars are usually filled with empty soda bottles, chocolate wrappers, chips packets, and much more. This provides habitation of various viruses, fungi, and insects that can cause severe infection, especially in the legs and hands. So, this means that it could hamper the driving of a person at some point. Thus, car detailing is helpful in cleaning each and every part of the car, so make it dirt as well as germ-free.


Car detailing is the most effective way to protect the vehicle from all wear and tear whether inside or outside. It should be done more often like buffing and waxing to make the paint stay at its place for a long time.
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