steam cleaning

Cleaning is very important for our surroundings and health as it keeps us away from unwanted pollutants that are bound to cause diseases. There have been many forms of cleaning, be it traditional one(typical sweeping and mopping), vacuuming, pressure washing and steam cleaning. But out of all these, steam cleaning is preferred by many people for different reasons.

What is steam cleaning?

The process where steam is used as the major medium of cleaning is known as steam cleaning. It has a vast application of cleansing the floors(homes and workplace),eliminating greasiness and dirt accumulation from the engines and turbines.

Necessity of steam cleaning:

Steam cleaning has been preferred a lot by people nowadays because it does not cause any sort of allergies or sensitivity related to certain respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, COPD(chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumonia etc).It is one of the most preferred modern day tool which is in use.

Benefits of steam cleaning

  • Removes tightly trapped pollutants: Carpets are an important element that brings grace to any room but on the other side it’s a fact that it is the hub of large number of germs, bacteria, dust particles etc. On top of that it becomes very difficult to remove theses pollutants as they are firmly stuck inside the fabrics of the carpet. Vacuum cleaner could be thought out as a cleaning tool but it’s not possible for it also to eliminate such particles. Hence, only steam cleaning is responsible for removing such contaminants with the help of hot water extraction method to deeply clean the fibers.
  • Environmental friendly: Steam cleaning is one of the best way of cleaning any area in the home as well as workplace and that too without using any chemicals. The chemicals like ammonia and bleach are responsible for ruining the surroundings to a larger extent as it’s the main cause of nitrogen pollution and has adverse effect on the plants. Even its fumes if breathed can cause serious health problems. So, if everyone can make a conscious effort to use steam cleaning as their part of household cleaning then the production of such type of synthetic chemicals can be stopped and that could be a contribution towards a healthy and safe environment.
  • Cost effective: Steam cleaning does not require multiple tools or chemicals like soaps, detergents, degreasers, abrasives and acids. The only thing that it requires is the water in the form of steam or vapours. So, the money in buying all these things can be saved. Also, as we discussed earlier, it is free from all synthesizers so there is no way of buying those expensive gloves and due to its effective cleaning, there is also no need to buy additional tile /floor cleaners or polishes or bathroom sparkles. Thus, it can be seen very clearly that steam cleaning is definitely economical and frugal.
  • Controlling the spread of antigens: There are so many allergens that float in the air and can’t be seen through naked eyes and get settled down on the surfaces along with the dust particles. These pathogens are very hazardous in nature and are responsible for causing serious infections like cough, cold, viral fever, skin rashes etc. Steam cleaning possess vapours that have a tendency of penetrating into the tiniest of pores and removes the bacteria from the surface. Not only the germs are removed but also killed so that they don’t habitat further.

Conclusion :

Steam cleaning is not only effective but also very user friendly. It removes the resilient molds and prevents them from reappearing and is helpful in removing stains, odors and kills 99.99% of bacteria, which is great without using harmful synthetics.

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