A Guide to House Cleaning for Allergy Sufferers

When dust, chemicals, or strong scents trigger an allergic reaction of some kind, house cleaning up can be a real problem. For some, having mild allergies may include a coughing fit or a couple of sneezes while more severe cases can lead to respiratory problems, hay fever, and skin reactions. Now, the real problem is that neglecting home cleaning and allowing the buildup of dust and dirt is not ideal in any household, let alone one where there are allergy sufferers living. On the other hand, if you don’t have a maid or someone else to take care of home cleaning, you have to find a way to get cleaning up tasks done in a safe manner that will not trigger your allergies.  With that said, here is the guide you, an allergy sufferer, need to safely clean the house.

Gearing Up is Crucial

This cannot be stressed enough. Depending on the type of allergies you have, protecting your skin, eyes, and face is imperative for preventing triggers. The most common allergies are triggered by smell and/or breathing in dust particles or allergens; therefore, covering your nose and mouth while cleaning up is very important. Let’s take a look at the recommended protective gear for an allergy sufferer to wear when cleaning the house:

  • A dust mask (tying a scarf or fabric materials around your nose and mouth can also cause allergic reactions owing to the fibers of the material)
  • Rubber gloves (particularly when handling house cleaning products that may irritate your skin)
  • Goggles (if you are cleaning high surfaces where dust becomes airborne and may come in contact with your eyes, or when using chemical spray cleaners like glass cleaner)
  • Full-length clothing to protect your skin from dust and cleaning products

Pick-up Dust without Unsettling It

It’s often the case – house cleaning leads to unsettling a lot of dust and picking up only some of it. Not only does this cause dust particles to become airborne, but it also means that you aren’t removing it effectively which, in turn, causes frequent allergic reactions when inside your own house. Regardless of what you are cleaning, the method used must ensure that you are actually picking up dust and not unsettling any while you’re at it. 

Use Safe or Natural Cleaners

It is a known fact that most house cleaning products on the market contain harsh chemicals while some of them claim to be eco-friendly even though a closer look at the contents will reveal some harmful properties. Therefore, if you are looking to purchase green cleaning products, be sure to look at options from reputable brands only. 

Alternatively, the safer thing to do is make your own line of natural or safe cleaners to eliminate allergy triggers altogether. Not only is it reassuring to know that your cleaning products are, in fact, naturally made, but they also serve their purpose of effectively cleaning household surfaces.

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